Love in action

Love in action

Today is the beginning of my new LIFE

My heart is still, and my belly is feeling gentle…….

My feet feel a little restless, yet I know that in a few weeks, I shall be traveling through time and space with my Sisters……….to Egypt and beyond….where the Goddess will breathe her guidance into my Soul.  Yes, the Ancestors Chamber in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera will connect me with my Ancestors in deep grace,  and I will offer my gratitude and receive their request of me for 2020.

As most of you will know, Australia has been, and continues to burn.

What a loud message She is delivering.  So much has been burnt away………what a shakeup She is giving us.  I am listening, and I am shedding.

It has been terrible to witness the loss and devastation.  I have not been able to comment as I have been in such deep grief.  Each day, I would sit at my desk and scroll through pages and pages of dire news and stories of loss and despair.  Images of women with looks of utter disbelief as they stare at the rubble of burnt corrugated iron and ashes that was their home.  I cannot even imagine how these women – especially those with small children – are going to cope.  I pray that they have the support they need.

2019 has been momentous for me.  I knew this time last year that things had to change in my world. The old ways of being just did “not fit” anymore.

Its very difficult when one is a “leader” or perceived as a leader of a community.  One cannot have the freedom of expression that someone who is not in a position of leadership has.  Whatever I say publicly, impacts on my community.  Especially my Priestesses.  So 2019 has been a year of learning to curb my enthusiasm when I feel passionate about something.

Some of you may ask “Is this a good thing?”.

This is the question I am still asking.  Perhaps 2020 will bring an answer…or maybe it just wont matter anymore.

Because at the end of the day, does any opinion matter really?  We are what we are and we are what we think.  There are women I admire who have been passionately “fighting” patriarchy and all its evil for decades.  They are indefatigable.  I admire them more than words can say.  I have to be honest and say I am getting tired, yet I will never stop.

At age 72, as my beloved Debbie keeps telling me, I have every right to feel tired. She also reminds me that I am “re-tired” and therefore not expected to “go to work” anymore.  Right.  Sure.  As if.  I have never worked harder than since I “retired”.  She drives me and fills my mind and heart with visions that all seem so easy and powerful to manifest.

Yet 2019 has taught me to be discerning.  To really take each inspiration that gets diverted from the constant stream of guidance to my Third Eye “viewing chamber” and assess its value to the world, and also its toll on myself and those who choose to work with me.

My 3rd Year Trainee Priestesses have taught me so much, just in allowing me to witness their journeys.  At times, what they were manifesting in their worlds, spoke to what was happening in mine, and often gave me answers as to what I needed to focus on.  The power of the group work we have done together in 2019 was awesome. We all need community – all of us – or at the very least one good friend/partner that we can be totally open with.  Our Souls need to connect with other Souls.

I lost a beautiful Soul in 2019.  My beloved Rosie passed over in February 2019.  I have been in such grief over losing her that I could not bring myself to bury her.  I wrapped her in a beautiful cloth and put her in the spare freezer downstairs. In some way, it made it easier.  Almost a year on, I am ready to move on and I arranged for Rosie to be picked up last week, to be cremated. I have never done this before, always choosing to bury and return my beloveds to Mother.

After doing that with Gemma, my last dog, I realised that I was leaving her behind when we had to move from what we believed to be our for ever home.  That was devastating for me.  So this time, I felt that having her in a little urn in the Temple was where she belonged.  She had been a wonderful Temple dog, loved by all the Priestesses and healing all with her bright eyes and loving nature.  She will be delivered back to me next week.

So of course, that cleared the way for my new doggie friend…….I found her yesterday and will be going to meet her tomorrow.  I cannot wait to hold her to my heart and listen for her name.  Of course I will post many pics…so be prepared J  Thank you Jen Rosewarne for your advice re closing the Circle with Rosie so that my new furry child could come and claim me.

I am so looking forward to getting to know this new little friend.  It’s the first time I have had a puppy.  All my dogs have been rescues and over a year old.  I am intent on being present with her and deeply listening with my inner ears to what she tells me.  I feel I am walking into a time of developing my inner ears.  As my outer hearing is deteriorating more and more each day,  I am consciously developing my intuition to be even more accurate and to start acting earlier as I receive guidance.

2019 had its fair share of ups and downs.

One of the “ups” this year was definitely my tour to Egypt, when I decided to go it alone without a co-leader, and really be free to worship as I love to worship in the ancient Temples…… focus on Goddess and the ancient Priestesses.  Many of the later Temples are not on my tour…these Temples were ruled by the Amun priests and the resonance of Goddess is virtually non-existent. All the Temples we visit still have the power and resonance of the Goddesses Hathor and Isis.  Sekhmet also gave me a very powerful message.

For many years, I have been pondering the notion of accountability.  How do we deal with those who behave badly; wound others; lie; gossip; physically attack?  Surely there has to be accountability and some kind of retribution?  Naming anyone is immediately labelled as “shaming”, thereby rendering anyone who has been hurt and needs to name their abuser silent.  Who dares to tell the truth in a world where truth seems to have no value anymore?  When there are those out there so savvy with social media, that they can annihilate the most honest of us and turn the tables to make us look like the abuser?

I called out to Sekhmet in Her chapel and asked Her for guidance and I held my body to Hers and felt Her energy embrace me.  She whispered in my heart:

“Many have called to me as you have my daughter.  Many have called to me as Goddess of war, asking for revenge.  And I say to you as I said to them.  I am Sekhmet, Goddess of Redemption and Retribution.  I am not a Goddess of war, I am Goddess of Courage and Justice.  Trust in me, I have your back.  I guide ALL negative energy back to the one who creates it.  You may never know about it, yet I know all and I will take care of all.”

This message was so powerful, I began to sob, much to the concern of the local guard, who immediately came and asked if all was OK.  He then gave me a few moments on my own in the Sanctuary, where I released a large amount of grief.  Since then, my heart has been peaceful. Thank you Sekhmet.

After Egypt, I met up with Deborah Franco, one of my Ordained Priestesses, for a “reconnoitre” of our venue for the Convocation in Crete.  We journeyed to Hersonissos, and stayed in a wonderful little 6 room hotel right on the water. We met our local guide for the pre-convocation tour, and she took us to some rarely visited sacred sites which will be incorporated into the tour.  We are planning to take a large bus – 50 seats – and do ceremony as close to the sites as possible.  I highly recommend it.

In September 2019 I journeyed to North America to visit with my son Ben and his family and to help facilitate Goddess Spirit Rising, a wonderful Goddess Conference in Simi Valley California.  I love to go and stay with my sisters Duffy De More and Laura Krajewski as the build up to the Conference infolds and their house almost becomes a sweat shop, with sisters coming in and out all day; creation of all kinds of magical “giveaways” and other “props” for the conference;  food being made and brought in for the workers and lots and lots of laughter and love.

I love these wonderful little pockets of sisterhood I have all over the world.  I may not see these women from year to year, yet when we do connect, we know how to go deep.  Its instant.  That is the trust that has been built up from years of authentic relating.  I feel a little sad as I feel these traveling years of mine are coming to a close.  It is both very tiring and also very expensive to travel now.  The cost of leaving Australia for anywhere other than New Zealand is exorbitant – both in carbon footprint and in $$$$$$$$  So I am going to begin focusing on home.  There are so many places I have not taken my work to yet.  Perhaps it’s time to do an Australian tour?

If you have read this far, I deeply thank you.

In a few weeks,  I shall continue with the rest of 2019.  Till we meet again, I send you love and blessings for all you are and all you bring to the world.

You are precious.

You are unique.

You are enough.

You are beloved.